Understanding Musiio’s Energy Classifier

Understanding how the Musiio Energy classifier works is critical to building better playlists, recommendations and improving navigation.

Can AI tagging increase radio audience retention?
Can AI tagging increase radio audience retention?

We looked at three shows on BBC Radio 6 Music to see what insights we could draw from their tracklists, and ways that AI integration into software could help with audience retention.

AI to help curate playlists
3 playlists you can manually curate with AI today

AI tagging frees you up to be more creative. Here are 3 electronic playlists you can curate from your catalogue now with help from AI.

How to build your own smart playlists using AI tagging

Curation takes time, especially if you have to listen to stacks of irrelevant tracks. Here’s how you can streamline playlisting with AI tags.

Prince's Raspberry Beret is analysed by our AI
Musiio by SoundCloud’s AI can now detect 41 musical moods

New Moods 3.0 release applies metadata tags with 95%+ accuracy and has huge potential for playlisting and talent discovery applications.

Obama's Summer Playlist 2022
What does an AI make of Obama’s Summer 2022 Playlist?

Barack Obama has dropped his annual playlist and it’s a corker. But what insights can we draw with AI and how can that help with personalisation?

Musiio Playlisting Vs The Top 5 Streaming Services in the World: The Report

We conducted a blind listening experiment to test our AI’s ability to select a great playlist of tracks against 5 of the best streaming services in the world.

Personalising the music gaming experience for Amanotes 70 million users

How can we help Amanotes to increase the customer lifetime value through personalisation of music on their music game apps?