The days around New Year are a prime time for introspection and reflection.

Whether you’re reminiscing about the events of the past year or making resolutions for the new one, journaling can be an excellent way to process your thoughts.

Yet, the festive season frequently ushers in a bustling period of travel and family reunions, and these can crowd out precious moments to connect with your emotions.

So if you find yourself struggling to anchor your thoughts, we might have the solution: a perfect journaling playlist.

Our specially designed playlist is a blend of electronic, ambient, and classical music, handpicked with the aid of Musiio's innovative AI playlisting technology. This unique collection of tracks has been assembled to immerse you, and help you find the clarity and focus you’ve been seeking.

So, why delay? Pop on your headphones, and let this playlist be the companion you need to guide you through your journey of reflection. Happy listening, and here's to a mindful transition into the New Year!

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