The biggest and least expected gaming hit of 2024 is without doubt Helldivers 2, selling over three million copies within a month of release. Those are extremely respectable numbers for lesser-known game studio Arrowhead, and far exceed the sales figures for the heavily marketed Suicide Squad game. The uptake for Helldivers 2 outstripped the developer’s expectations so much that server capacity couldn’t keep pace in the first week, maxing out at 600,000 concurrent online players.

So what is Helldivers 2? For the unenlisted, this cooperative, tongue-in-cheek third-person shooter pits players as members of the armed forces of Super Earth, battling Starship Troopers-esque alien bugs and Terminator-adjacent robots in a future where "managed democracy" masks totalitarianism.

The game's success has united gaming communities, with Xbox players clamouring for a piece of the action alongside PC and PlayStation players. 

The game’s original score by Wilbert Roget II is excellently over-the-top and a perfect accompaniment to the game. But, with players logging hundreds of hours, it can be a nice change of pace to switch up the soundtrack.

Inspired by the game, we used Musiio playlisting tools to co-curate a selection of classic rock tracks and recent rock talent to accompany gameplay through streaming on SoundCloud’s Discord bot. From Black Sabbath to AC/DC, expect bold and powerful music that will grow in energy and speed as your gameplay intensifies and keep your democratic fervour topped up.

So whether you're dropping into a hostile alien world, or making a final push towards extraction, our playlist has you covered.

Get ready to dive into the chaos armed with some killer tunes. For democracy!

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