Looking to start a new exercise routine but struggling to find the motivation? The right playlist can be just the kick you need to get moving.

Take it from me: as well as working at Musiio by SoundCloud, every other weekend, I'm the resident DJ at my local gym.

F45 offers high intensity interval training, allowing members to work out on different circuits with guidance from instructors and accompanying video screens.

Music is key to their experience. The right track helps the gym-goers get in the zone and persevere through their training. Having a motivating playlist drives them though the Functional 45 minutes of heaven (or hell depending on how much you like the gym!).

I usually turn to SoundCloud’s integration with Serato DJ Pro to curate my music, but this week, we changed things up and co-curated a set with Musiio’s AI playlisting tools.

Tiësto’s official remix of the Tears For Fears ‘Rule The World (Everybody)’ was the perfect inspiration for the AI to do its magic. As the gym caters to a variety of ages, an EDM twist of an 80’s classic by a household DJ ticks all the boxes!

From this track, I’ve created a playlist of similar euphoric electronic tracks with the high energy and work rhythm needed to keep the power flowing and the endorphins up.

So if you’re looking to start a new habit, or just soundtrack your next workout, give this playlist a listen. 

Want to supercharge your playlist curation with descriptive AI? Connect with us through sales@musiio.com, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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