Just in time for Halloween, Doja Cat’s ‘Paint the Town Red’ is trending at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it’s a record-breaker.

Released as the lead single from her latest album Scarlet, ‘Paint the Town Red’ has become the first solo female rap song in Spotify history to top the platform’s Global and US Top 50 chart and the fastest solo female rap song on the platform to amass 100 million streams. 

Ripe for Halloween costume inspiration, the music video features Doja cozying up with death and the devil, tossing chunks of bloody meat from a wheelbarrow, and riding a gigantic green goblin through the sky. 

This track has also served as the inspiration behind our latest curated playlist. 

Using Musiio curation tools, we found other tracks that have a similar mood composition to ‘Paint the Town Red’: seductive, confident, and bold.

But why don’t we just use the ‘Scary’ mood tag? Frankly, the results were too scary. Instead we looked for lyrical themes that were appropriate for the season.

So when you’re lighting those pumpkins and spreading your face paint, give this playlist a listen. 

You’re in for a treat.

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