Fans of Charli XCX have deemed this summer to be ‘brat summer’, taking inspiration from her latest album which embodies her unique blend of hyperpop and underground rave music. 

Brat reached number 2 on the Official UK charts in its first week, making it the British artist’s most successful album. It’s also currently the highest rated album on Metacritic

We’ve curated our own playlist inspired by her sound.

With brat, Charli is going back to her roots, tweeting “I was born to make dance music”. Her music career began when she was 14, performing at illegal raves in East London that her parents would drive her to. Fast forward to March of this year when she hosted an event with Boiler Room - a brand that is central to the revival of underground dance music and club culture.

Her Boiler Room set, aptly titled ‘Party Girl’, was just one element of the exciting album rollout. Charli released her lead single ‘von dutch’ alongside remixes in collaboration with artists from the underground scene, including dubstep pioneers Skream and Benga. She also announced her tour with Troye Sivan which begins in September and promises to transform venues into high-energy rave spaces.

Brat is full of club bangers like ‘Club Classics’ and “365”, but other tracks speak about complicated female friendships, the desire to become a mother, and the loss of her friend and collaborator, Sophie. Her vulnerability shines through as she chooses to abandon complicated metaphors, favouring blunt lyrics and saying exactly how she feels.

The album is an unapologetic insight into Charli’s world of partying and having fun while dealing with the struggles of being a woman. We have curated a playlist inspired by her sound using songs from independent artists found using our playlisting tools, and some of Charli’s biggest inspirations from the SoundCloud catalogue.

Turn it up and let it be the soundtrack to your brat summer!

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