Corners of SoundCloud: Stutter House
Corners of SoundCloud: Stutter House

Explore the exciting world of Stutter House, an emerging micro-genre of electronic music characterised by distinctive pulsating or stuttering vocals, leads, and synth pads, and popularised by London producer Fred Again. Discover six essential Stutter House tracks and learn which tools producers are using to make this new sound.

NY Drill artist with New York Backdrop
Corners of SoundCloud: NY Drill

NY Drill has reshaped hip hop, but was itself a product of transatlantic collaboration. Learn about NY Drill’s evolution, its sub-genres, the iconic artists who’ve shaped it, and the new players moving the sound forward.

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Vintage value: What can we learn from TikTok’s top throwback tracks of 2021?

Wondering where to focus your attention for TikTok? Here’s some guidance based on our AI analysis of the platform’s biggest vintage tracks.

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12 Artists from the Middle East and North Africa with global Hit Potential

Dialect barriers, western influence and evolving local traditions take centre stage in our dive into the emergent music scenes of the region.

What Makes Music Go Viral in Southeast Asia?

How can one tell when a piece of music is going to go viral? We look at each of the weekly top 20 viral tracks on Spotify in Southeast Asia to extract information about different tastes in the region.

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