This week's playlist, co-curated with AI, is designed to be a perfect work/study companion for ambient music lovers.

Unlike our other recent playlists (Inspired by Arlo Parks and Beach Club), there was no inspiration track to get us started. Instead, using Musiio-powered playlist curation tools, we were able to cast a wide net for ambient tracks uploaded to SoundCloud in the last year.

As well as providing a perfect sonic background for sharp focus, we wanted to surface less-known artists from around the world who have been creating high-quality productions. You won’t find lofi or meditation music here. However, you will find a diverse range of ambient music reflecting the diversity and quality of content on the platform, from guitar pedal experiments to full compositions.

So, whether you're seeking a peaceful ambiance for work or simply want to immerse yourself in relaxing soundscapes at the end of a long week, our Ambient Focus playlist is tailored with you in mind.


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