'Padam Padam’ is Kylie Minogue’s first Top 10 single in 12 years.

Described by Clash Magazine as “a super catchy pop hymn from one of the best to ever do it”, the song has gone viral on TikTok and become a Pride anthem.

And it's only been out for five weeks!

To celebrate this song’s success, we used Musiio by SoundCloud’s tagging and playlisting technology to discover three similar but under-the-radar summer bangers.

‘Padam Padam’ is a dancy, euphoric, pop song with electro pop, electronic, and EDM influences. Its title refers to the sound of a heartbeat.

Love ‘Padam Padam’? You’ll like these too.

Astrid S - Darkest Hour

Astrid Smeplass is a Norwegian artist with a sparkling presence that connects with her millions of followers worldwide. Signed to Universal’s Island Records, Astrid was awarded “Artist of The Year” award at the Norwegian Grammy Awards in 2018. She regularly connects with her fanbase through upbeat TikToks and engaging acoustic sessions on YouTube.

Her latest EP Felt Cute Might Delete Later was released in April 2023 and its opening track, ‘Darkest Hour’, has a similar dark pop style to Kylie’s ‘Padam Padam’ with influences of electronic, electro pop, and EDM. The lyrics are about supporting your partner in their time of need and this is reflected in a confident, seductive and heartfelt musical mood, unlike the dancy, euphoric vibe of Kylie’s track.

Olivia Lunny - ‘Timezone’

Writing and performing since the age of 12, Olivia Lunny is a Canadian singer-songwriter creating infectious, emotional alt-pop. Her 2019 single ‘I Got You’ earned her a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Pop Artist of the Year and since signing to Universal Music, she has continued to climb towards global fame.

Just like ‘Padam Padam’, her latest single ‘Timezone’ has a ‘Dancy’ mood, with an air of confidence. Olivia is singing about her long-distance partner, wishing he was with her. Like Kylie’s track, its genre influences also include Pop and Electro Pop, but unlike ‘Padam Padam’, the music has elements of Indie, too. Being only four BPM faster than ‘Padam Padam’, ‘Timezone’ feels like the easiest track on our list to line up next to Kylie’s summer hit.

Anja Kotar - ‘Everywhere'

Anja Kotar is a Slovenian-born California-based singer-songwriter, producer and classically trained pianist. Her sunshine-y and romantic pop music is featured on Apple Music and VEVO playlists, garnering over 10 million streams.  

'Everywhere’ is part of her album Hopeless Romantic, an imaginary story about finding the love of your life inspired by classic romcoms, disco and Pop of 2010s. In this track, Anja sings about seeing the love of her life everywhere.

Even though ‘Everywhere’ feels lighter than Kylie’s tune, its earworm hook is in the same ballpark as ‘Padam Padam’ – you’ll be humming it after two listens. Just like Kylie’s track, it’s ‘Dancy’ but also exudes confidence and playfulness. Even though its tempo is slightly slower than ‘Padam Padam’, its genres are similar (Pop and Electro Pop) putting it proudly on our list.

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