Just as summer gives way to autumn, so too does the musical season change at this time of year.

As the days grow shorter, we find ourselves seeking solace inside. And whether you’re gazing longingly out a rain-spattered window or curled up in a onesie with a hot cup of cocoa, folk music makes for the perfect backdrop.

Harnessing the power of Musiio's playlist curation tools, we present to you a soothing soundtrack of earthy textures and gentle acoustic strumming for those quiet Sunday afternoons.

Our autumnal folk playlist delves into best new folk music from the past few months, including its crossover with contemporary pop and indie rock. Together, these tracks create a relaxed, warm, and heartfelt mood - the ideal balm for the soul.

So next time you’re settled down for an afternoon in, turn on this playlist and enjoy this peaceful background to your home comforts.

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