Whether you're daydreaming of Balinese sunsets from your living room, or kicking back at your beachfront Airbnb scouting for the perfect poolside jam, this playlist provides some extra rays of sunshine.

We've co-curated this playlist with the help of AI, starting with a dash of inspiration from Jessie Ware's sunny tunes ‘Hello Love’ and ‘Pearls’ from her 2023 album That! Feels Good!. And the playlist packs the same relaxing yet danceable vibes, making sure you're gently swaying to a steady, uplifting beat.

Expect a tasty cocktail of downtempo, house, and electro pop flavours to keep the party breezy. The energy of these tracks is ideal for gentle toe-tapping on a sun lounger.

So, whether you're feeling the sand between your toes or just craving it, flip on this playlist and order that extra sundowner - you've earned it!

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