AI to help curate playlists
3 playlists you can manually curate with AI today

AI tagging frees you up to be more creative. Here are 3 electronic playlists you can curate from your catalogue now with help from AI.

Prince's Raspberry Beret is analysed by our AI
Musiio by SoundCloud’s AI can now detect 41 musical moods

New Moods 3.0 release applies metadata tags with 95%+ accuracy and has huge potential for playlisting and talent discovery applications.

Musiio Case Study: How BeatMix scale expert music curation with innovative AI integration
BeatMix scales expert music curation with innovative AI integration

Background music makes a big difference to productivity and customer experience. BeatMix are experts in tailored music and are scaling their business by building AI-powered curation tools

Personalising the music gaming experience for Amanotes 70 million users

How can we help Amanotes to increase the customer lifetime value through personalisation of music on their music game apps?

Supercharging Audio Network’s music supervision with AI-based audio reference search

How can we use AI to speed up the process and assist Audio Network’s music supervisors to do their jobs more efficiently?