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The team believe that making songs should be as accessible as creating videos and photos. Their platform enables people with no musical training to create their own songs.’s voice-AI-assisted technology bridges the gap between music fans and making music. For example, this includes voice transformation features that go way beyond DSP autotune filters by enabling users to modify and design their voices in more specific, creative ways. 

User-generated content (UGC) is then distributed to partner social media and gaming platforms. Creators can see fair financial return besides getting views and likes on social media. 

Overall, the company aims to democratise music creation for social media users and redefine music's role as a complementary medium for self-expression in short-form video content.

The Challenge: quantity and quality’s catalogue of user-generated content is fast-growing and as a result, they faced challenges in curating user submissions at scale. To ensure interesting and high-quality content was selected for their partners, they started out scoring track quality manually. 

However, as their DIY song catalogue grew into the millions, this review process became unmanageable. The team recognised the need for an automated solution that could pre-screen songs effectively. This is where Musiio's technology came into play.

The Solution: AI-powered content screening

Integrating Musiio's tagging tech into their curation process enabled to streamline their workflow. Musiio by SoundCloud's Recording Quality classifier allows them to filter the most interesting and high-quality songs automatically. The platform can now be more efficient at selecting the most engaging and relevant content for users and for distribution to their partners.

“With Musiio, we've been able to process and validate more songs than ever. Their tech helps us manage our fast growth and the huge numbers of song creations that we're seeing. And Musiio was certainly the most customisable solution for our needs. Integrating their software was seamless, and the onboarding process was friendly and accessible.”

Stefan Heinrich Henriquez, Co-Founder & CEO, MAYK INC

The Future

The team envision a future where everyone is a music creator, as we move from social media to personal media, where literally anyone can create any type of content, with some AI-assistance. That means global music uploads could move from 100 thousand music snippets every day to 100 million, especially on social platforms. With their technology, the barrier to making songs is lower than ever, and for the first time, anyone who is creative has the opportunity to get involved. The people behind recognise that the volume of content on the platform will only continue to grow. Tagging will be crucial for managing at scale and Musiio by Soundcloud is ready to support.

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