Want to create a TikTok hit for 2021? Our AI tells you what you need to know

Tiktok exploded in 2020 and many different music go viral on the platform. We seek to find out: Is there a formula for the success of these music?

We Tried to Make the Perfect TikTok Hit Using Insights from Our AI

The TikTok Tsunami In the wild and wonderful year of 2020, the phrase “TikTok hit”…

Virtual Performances: Travis Scott, Marshmello, and The Weeknd: But who’s next?

While live music hasn’t been able to get back to the glory days pre-pandemic, we’ve seen Travis Scott, Marshmello and The Weeknd turning into virtual characters as they perform live in virtual environemnts on social and gaming apps TikTok and Fortnite. What is it that makes them perfect to perform in such an environment? Can our AI tell us anything about common threads in their music?

Want your music to go viral on TikTok? Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you crunch your nose in apprehension or are already a TikTok addict, one cannot…