Our first guest on Musiio by SoundCloud’s brand-new podcast is Judge Jules, the renowned British DJ, electronic music producer, and former BBC Radio 1 host. Not only is he hugely accomplished behind the decks, he’s also the only gigging DJ to have a parallel career as a specialist music lawyer.

Starting his journey with the turntable at 16, Jules has played over 5000 shows and marries his passion for performances with a love of music law via his venture, Sound Advice.

In this podcast, you’ll find out:

  • The legal pitfall for artists signing contracts
  • Is Judge Jules actually a judge?
  • The limitations of generative AI
  • Why getting a TikTok hit might not secure your career
  • Why mental health is important to understand in music law
  • Why A&Rs are scouting talent on SoundCloud now more than ever
  • What its like to DJ in front of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world

🎧 Listen to the whole episode above, or watch the full video interview on YouTube.

"I've done a number of TikTok deals, and the option [to sign subsequent tracks] almost never gets exercised by the label… there isn't really much weight behind the artists, it's all about the track. Whereas SoundCloud is very, very much about artists, and about the artist prospect… It’s the most potent source of new talent out there." - Judge Jules

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