Ed Sheeran Subtract
Is ‘Subtract’ Ed Sheeran’s Most Grown-Up Album?

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Subtract’ sees an emotional evolution in his sound. We find an introspective shift and learn how AI can decode artists’ journeys.

All Quiet of the western front soundtrack
All Quiet’s Oscar-winning score masterfully balances light and dark

What makes the soundtrack for ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ unique? Using AI, we learn how it carries the film’s anti-war message.

Understanding Moods - which mood set is right for your audience?
Which mood set is right for your audience?

Should you use Standard or Enhanced Moods for you catalogue? Can you use both? All these questions answered and more in this week’s blog post.

Understanding Musiio Enhanced Moods V3
Understanding Musiio’s Enhanced Moods Classifier

We introduce our Enhanced Moods, with musical examples, to demonstrate the power and nuance that comes from having 41 available mood tags.

Understanding Musiio Standard Moods V1
Understanding Musiio’s Standard Moods Classifier

How do Musiio moods work? And how can you use them? We start our multi-part Moods walkthrough with suggestions for how to use the V1 Standard Moods tagset.

Alien tentacles in an underwater scene to accompany story on ocean film music such as Avatar: The Way of Water
Why Avatar 2’s soundtrack is more nature doc, less deep-sea sci-fi

Few movies have made you want to get into the water as Avatar: The Way of Water. We dig into how Simon Franglen’s soundtrack helped, with the help of AI.

Enhanced moods for Beyonce
New Moods: Help your users find precisely the music they’re looking for

Finding the right track for a video, playlist or social content has never been easier, thanks to nuanced, granular mood tags from Musiio.

Prince's Raspberry Beret is analysed by our AI
Musiio by SoundCloud’s AI can now detect 41 musical moods

New Moods 3.0 release applies metadata tags with 95%+ accuracy and has huge potential for playlisting and talent discovery applications.