For Musiio by SoundCloud, 2023 has been about demonstrating the power of AI for good.

From being named as one of Fast Company’s ‘Brands That Matter in AI’ to being recognised as the 'Best Specialist AI-Powered Solutions Company 2023 Music Industry' by Acquisition International, we are honoured that our innovations in music tech have been acknowledged.

As well as powering improved user experience at SoundCloud, Musiio tech continues to be used by companies including SURF Music, Melodie Music, and to change the music industry for the better.

Here are some of our highlights:

Making great music more discoverable for our clients

With Musiio tech still available on the market, we’ve continued to enable our clients to shape the music industry’s future:

“Musiio understanding some nuances with Asian music was very important. It delivers the comprehensive detail that a song requires. From an organisational and metadata standpoint, it was the perfect fit."

Justine Suzuki, Chief Creative Officer at SURF Music, who is leveraging the power of Musiio’s AI music tagging to revolutionise how songwriters and producers connect with Japanese and Korean record labels and music supervisors.

“The YouTube AI search tool is amazing! I use it all the time and the amount of suitable options is insane. It really is a game changer in finding music and really cuts down time looking for the perfect track."

Daniela Papalia, TV Promo Producer at Fox Creative, who uses Melodie Music’s Musiio-powered audio reference search for her projects, including the Great British Sewing Bee.

“With Musiio, we've been able to process and validate more songs than ever. Their tech helps us manage our fast growth and the huge numbers of song creations that we're seeing. And Musiio was certainly the most customisable solution for our needs.”

Stefan Heinrich Henriquez, Co-Founder & CEO at MAYK INC, a company that enables anyone to become a music creator, is using Musiio by SoundCloud’s recording classifier to filter user-generated content automatically.

Bringing the vision of Musiio by SoundCloud to life

In our first full year since the acquisition, Musiio tech has enabled SoundCloud to realise new achievements in its mission to lead what’s next in music.

  • First Fans: solving the “zero plays” problem for new artists by recommending brand new, unheard tracks to up to 100 listeners with relevant music tastes. It’s a win-win: artists get their first plays, listeners discover new music.
  • Charts: leveraging Musiio tech to make meaningful changes to user experience on SoundCloud’s relaunched Official US and UK Charts, the revamped ‘New & Hot’ Chart and the brand new ‘Next Pro’ Chart which spotlight emerging talent.
  • Feed 2.0: streamlining music discovery by recommending specific 20-second segments of tracks that listeners are most likely to enjoy. The new Feed turns what was once a multi-click process into a single, fluid interaction.

The next evolution in music tagging

Launched in August, Musiio by SoundCloud’s new Timecodes and Cue Points API provides invaluable data for Vocal Start/Stop timings, Silence Detection, and Segment Selection.

Having auto-generated cue points will enable everyone looking for music, from TikTokers to music supervisors, to make decisions on a track much faster and listen to many more tracks in a single session.

There are so many applications of this technology, we can't wait to see how music businesses use it to improve the music discovery experience.

Highlighting expert perspectives on our evolving trends

Our new Musiio by SoundCloud podcast has featured guests including renowned British DJ Judge Jules, Domino’s Head of Sync Charlot Henzen, and former Chief Economist for Spotify Will Page. 

From A&R insights into SoundCloud vs TikTok, to surprising consumer habits in ‘glocalisation’ and vinyl, our expert guests have shed light on the seismic shifts shaping the modern music industry. 

We’re looking forward to bringing you more industry insights next year.

International recognition for innovation in the music industry

Musiio co-founder and current VP of Music Intelligence at SoundCloud, Hazel Savage, has presented keynotes and been on panels at over 15 international events, including SXSW, Music Matters and Wallifornia MusicTech.

Off the keynote stage, Musiio by SoundCloud has earnt further recognition with exceptional press coverage from the music industry press and beyond, including features and mentions in The Guardian, Rolling Stone International, TechCrunch, Music Press Asia, and Music Week.

And we’re proud to have landed a few industry awards too, including:

From SURF Music to SoundCloud’s First Fans, Musiio tech has made music more discoverable in 2023. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to ethical tech development, championing AI for Good to benefit the entire music industry.

If you want to learn more about how Musiio by SoundCloud can help your business, reach out on LinkedIn or Twitter, send us a message using our contact form or email

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