Case Studies

SURF Music's Musiio integration
How SURF Music Connects East and West Using AI Music Tagging

For boundary-crossing platform SURF Music, skilled songwriters and producers from around the globe can place their songs with Japanese and Korean artists. And its all thanks to Musiio’s metadata.

Musiio Case Study: How BeatMix scale expert music curation with innovative AI integration
BeatMix scales expert music curation with innovative AI integration

Background music makes a big difference to productivity and customer experience. BeatMix are experts in tailored music and are scaling their business by building AI-powered curation tools

Musiio and Melodie Search API integration
How Melodie’s AI-meets-human approach powers sync for Fox Sports and Nat Geo

Melodie was the first production music library to adopt Musiio’s audio reference search, but they didn’t want to lose their signature metadata. Here’s how they benefit from both.

How Thematic makes royalty-free music discovery easy for over 500k creators using Musiio Tag

Thematic is a collaborative platform where video creators can license royalty-free music from their favourite music artists in exchange for promotion, and Musiio powers music insights and recommendations.

Auribus chooses Musiio because of its unique Custom Filters feature

How has brand new boutique production music company Auribus integrated Musiio’s Search API for best-in-class track search and filtering?

Vans ‘Musicians Wanted’ Competition uses Musiio To Ensure No Track Goes Unheard

How did Vans use our technology to search for the best music submissions in Southeast Asia?

Musiio Playlisting Vs The Top 5 Streaming Services in the World: The Report

We conducted a blind listening experiment to test our AI’s ability to select a great playlist of tracks against 5 of the best streaming services in the world.