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BeatStars is a global music marketplace offering everything needed for music creators and entrepreneurs to get started growing their business. BeatStars lets you sell beats, sound kits, songs, vocals, services and more through our premier, all-in-one online marketplace and customizable Pro Page storefront, which includes advanced search engines, built-in media players, and more.

At Beatstars over 20,000 tracks are uploaded every single day. Producers and artists add appropriate metadata to increase their track's visibility by tagging their track with the relative key words or the artist inspiration (e.g. Drake Type Beat). However, with a massive network of creators uploading tracks with similar metadata, it can become difficult for users searching for music to navigate through the full catalogue of tracks on Beatstars.

The Solution: Tag API

Beatstars uses Musiio’s Tag API to automatically tag uploaded tracks with our standard taxonomy, which includes 84 genres, 15 moods, vocal gender and presence, an energy spectrum, key, bpm and more.

This instantly categorizes tracks with quality metadata, which makes the catalogue easier to search through by their users. Using tags to power search allows Beatstars to augment their Search Algorithm by combining Musiio data with pricing, popularity scores, and customer data.

How does Musiio’s Tagging API work?

Musiio’s Tagging API follows a REST architectural style that allows you to integrate our tagging technology easily into your projects. It requires only two steps - (i) uploading an audio file to generate its audio fingerprint and (ii) extracting the requested tags.

With the Tag API Musiio does not keep or store audio files or fingerprints.

To understand the specific implementation steps, please visit our documentation at

"At BeatStars, it has been and always will be about the creator; about the music. It’s the people - the individuals around the world behind our community of 3 million - who drive this platform. Using Musiio as a tag solution means we can create more discoverability on BeatStars which can turn into opportunities for these music entrepreneurs. It’s truly the perfect fit."

Abe Batshon, Founder and CEO at Beatstars

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