Search Widget can be embedded on your site
You can now embed Musiio’s Search technology into your site

The Musiio Search Widget is an off-the-shelf solution lets record labels, music publishers and other music rights holders embed public-facing audio search into their sites with virtually no coding required.

Eddie Munsen performs Master of Puppets in Stranger Things
The Stranger Things Effect: Why Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ could enter the Top 40 now, and not in 1986

Metallica’s 2022 success has more in common with Kenny Loggins than any other metal act.

Kate Bush Hounds of Love illustration by Nisah Jfr
What can we learn from the explosion of ‘Running Up That Hill’?

Kate Bush’s song has soared to fame due to its pivotal role in Netflix’s Stranger Things, but what can we learn about its success on the Billboard chart and TikTok?

Musiio and Melodie Search API integration
How Melodie’s AI-meets-human approach powers sync for Fox Sports and Nat Geo

Melodie was the first production music library to adopt Musiio’s audio reference search, but they didn’t want to lose their signature metadata. Here’s how they benefit from both.

Stranger Things Eleven
Stranger Things soundtracks are getting darker, more dramatic, says AI

What can we tell about the original score with our tagging AI? How does this correlate to the on-screen action, and what predictions can we make about the fourth season’s music?

Batman score traits AI analysis
The Batman’s soundtrack is uniquely sad, scary and energetic, according to AI

Can we map the darkness of the Batman movies across the various reboots using the music as a proxy? Fasten your utility belts, we’re going to find out.

Watch: Could better music metadata influence sync decisions?

Commercial Director Mack Hampson outlines Musiio’s approach to tagging music and how AI can be an assistive technology for understanding sync on a per-project basis and across the industry.

How After Life’s soundtrack has evolved over three seasons

What can we tell about After Life from AI analysis? And how can this help music supervisors and other creators when seeking the perfect mood?

Don't Look Up blog post disaster movie hero image
Don’t Look Up: How do you soundtrack the apocalypse?

“Play it as real as you can, even if it’s crazy absurd,” says director Adam…

Hans Zimmer darker, scarier
Is the Dune score Hans Zimmer’s darkest, scariest sci-fi soundtrack yet?

AI analysis of Hans Zimmer’s Dune soundtrack reveals it is the most significant departure from the ‘Zimmer sound’ to date, but hallmarks of his work can still be easily detected.