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Zelda Soundtracks: Tears of The Kingdom vs Breath of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has, perhaps, an even more epic soundtrack than its predecessors – we find out what sets its theme apart from Breath of the Wild

The Last of Us hero image. A "Clicker" from the show.
The Last of Us Soundtrack: From Console to TV

Explore the fascinating journey of The Last of Us soundtrack, as composer Gustavo Santaolalla adapted his iconic score for the HBO series. See how changes in mood, structure, and recording quality create a harmonious blend that stays true to the game while fitting the new medium perfectly.

FIFA 21: A Soundtrack Analysis by A Geeky Gamer

How do the FIFA 21 soundtracks sound like? Read more to find out how the genres, moods and emotions elevate its gaming experience.

Personalising the music gaming experience for Amanotes 70 million users

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