Catalogue size

1 million

No. of users

70+ million monthly active users

Products used


About Amanotes

A fast-growing startup in the music-tech industry from Vietnam. Amanotes seek to delight people with magical music experiences. Since 2014, 30+ music games and mobile applications were published under their name with 700+ million downloads worldwide and 80+ million monthly active users. In 2019, they were listed as the #1 mobile apps publisher from Southeast Asia, and the #1 music games publisher in the world.

The Challenge

To increase the customer lifetime value through personalisation of music on their music game apps.


We built a custom API solution with Onboarding, getting the users to name a few artists, tracks or genres they like, to help fix the 'cold-start' problem with personalisation.

We then playlist music into recommended sections. The happier and more engaged the user is the longer they will play the game.

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