In late April, we began accepting submissions for our Hit Potential Songwriting Competition - the first competition in the world to be judged by artificial intelligence.

Using our Hit Potential Algorithm, which assesses the commercial potential of music based on its audio alone, we analyzed the submissions and found that 3 did particularly well.

What Is Hit Potential?

Our Hit Potential Algorithm uses AI to assess how likely your music is to achieve commercial success. Knowing your score is a great and reliable way to get a quick idea of where your music stands in today’s market.

As a reminder of the general distribution of Hit Potential scores from known commercially successful hits versus unreleased, un-curated submissions, see the figure below.

3 high-scoring winners were chosen to reflect a range of stylistic diversity (if there were 2 songs in the same or a similar style, the higher-scoring one was chosen).

We'll jump into a deep-dive second-by-second analysis of each of these songs in a later article. First, let's meet the winners!

The Remedy - Desire (Score = 75)

Congratulations to The Remedy, our top scorer, for being featured on Euronews.

The Remedy. Photo provided by artist.

Desire, by The Remedy

From the artist:

The Remedy is a New York based songwriter of many genres. Not only r&b, but also pop, rock, and country music as well. He learned how to perfect his craft as part of the world renowned Boys Choir of Harlem. 'Desire' is a slow groove with a point to make to your significant other.

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Hansom Ēli - Summer Rise (Score = 71)

Hansom Ēli. Photo provided by artist.

From the artist:

Hansom Ēli is a Montreal based sibling duo who skillfully blends indie pop, folk, R&B and Lo Fi, forging a style that is free and eclectic. Endowed with a soprano voice equally soft and powerful, Camille humbly unveils her feelings while Alexy, gifted multi-instrumentalist and producer, embraces her sensitivity while exploring a plethora of organic and digital sounds.

Summer Rise is a feel-good jam created in collaboration with friend and Vancouver producer Mikey J Blige. It combines lyrics in French and English with a laid-back groove that is both intimate and joyful.

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Hansom Ēli:

Mikey J Blidge:

Geoff McFarlane:

Amni Musfirah - Vacation (Score = 71)

Amni Musfirah. Photo provided by artist.

From the artist:

Amni Musfirah is a Singapore-born pop/r&b singer- songwriter and producer. Inspired by her parents’ love for singing, she felt empowered to find her own artistic identity early on, and began performing at the tender age of 10.

Her latest achievement would be going on a South East Asian tour and performing sold-out concerts in countries such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Bangkok with Beijing-based Production Company, Hi-Five, for Ragnarok Online.Her debut album, CROWN, was just released this year on May 28.

Music has always been her source of energy and confidence. As a strong advocate for female empowerment, Amni hopes to be an example to women all around the world, making them feel empowered to be whoever they choose to be. 

Her lead single “Vacation” was imagined by Amni Musfirah while she was going through a difficult time back in Singapore, at a time when she felt the urgent need of taking a vacation.

Displaying her prime creative shape, “Vacation” is a no disturbances, no drama and stress-free pop anthem set to spark mass appreciation among music fans worldwide. Her album, CROWN, is also accompanied with a mini film on youtube and was directed by Nicholas Damien Goh and Donovan Wan. 

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Stay tuned for a second-by-second analysis of these songs in the next couple of months!

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