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Hit Potential Songwriting Competition Submissions Open!

Hit Potential Songwriting Competition Submissions Open!

Hit Potential, Musiio, Songwriting Competition

Calling all songwriters, music producers, and artists! How would you like to participate in the first Artificial Intelligence-powered songwriting competition in the world? Our Hit Potential Algorithm will tell you if you have a potential chart-topper on your hands. 

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What Is Hit Potential?

Our Hit Potential Algorithm uses AI to assess how likely your music is to achieve commercial success. Knowing your score is a great and reliable way to get a quick idea of where your music stands in today’s market.

What Else Can Hit Potential Do?

The Algorithm can analyze your music second-by-second, giving you a detailed readout that allows you to apply your own musical expertise to understand what you are doing well, and what you might want to do differently.

How Will This Competition Work?

Once submissions are collected, our Hit Potential Algorithm will evaluate all entries, and we will select 3 winners to receive their Hit Potential Scores (only the top 3 will receive their scores), and the following:

1. A Song/Artist Feature On Our Blog

Our blog is read by the who’s-who of the music industry – A&R executives, label owners, and more. We will feature your artist profile, your submitted song, and its score. The article will be shown to our subscribers in our monthly newsletter as well.

2. Free Second-By-Second Analysis

A detailed second-by-second Hit Potential score readout of your song’s performance will be published alongside your music in the blog article and sent to you. Accompanying this readout will be a detailed analysis by our Music Strategist and resident music subject matter expert, Xiao’an.

Musiio Discovery Database

All entries will be added to a brand new Discovery Database, powered by Musiio’s Audio Reference Search technology, where A&R executives, agents, music supervisors, and other people who might discover your talents can browse your work.


Do I still keep the rights to my songs?

Absolutely. You keep all of your rights. By participating, you just give us the permission to feature your music (and artist profile) in our Blog if you win, in addition to keeping it in our searchable discovery database.

Can I submit but not go in the database?

After submitting, you may change your mind at any time – send us an email at and we will remove your track.

Can I submit a cover?

We would very much prefer original music to be submitted for this competition. We may open this up to covers in future competitions!

Submit Your Songs Today!

For all other questions, please email our Music Strategist Xiao’an Li at with the subject line “Hit Potential Competition Question”!

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