Taylor Swift has evolved from Country Star to full-blown Pop Star. Though her roots are in country music (she moved from her hometown in Pennsylvania to Nashville when she was 14), her sound has evolved. Taylor now appeals to a wider audience and demographic.

When did Taylor’s sound change? When did she go from Country to Pop? This was a question for our AI tagging product.

We tagged 130 of Taylor’s tracks, ranging from her demo album in 2003 to her latest 2019 drop, Lover. According to our results, Taylor hasn’t released a predominantly country track since her 2012 album, Red. Her albums 1989, Reputation and Lover are widely tagged as pop and electronic with even some hip hop and R&B splashed in.

That doesn’t mean we’ll be hearing Taylor rapping any time soon (or does it?), but it does indicate that the instrumentals and production of her tracks have branched out. Country music is often defined by their simple form and harmony and are string and guitar heavy. Taylor’s new sound now integrates diverse production and sound, danceable beats and cheeky lyrics.

Curious about how we found this musical insight? Check out our tagging demo and tag to your heart’s desire!

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