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“Whether you’re a YouTuber, a huge broadcaster, or a freelancer, having the right kind of music can make or break your content, which is why searching for music can often be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of making a video.

“Our product team is committed to making music discovery as smooth and as relevant as possible here at Epidemic, which is why we’re super excited to partner with Musiio and are looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers on how this new feature helps with their creative process.”  

Per-Anders Legeryd Chief Technology Officer at Epidemic Sound

Who Is Epidemic Sound?

Epidemic Sound is a cutting edge music company soundtracking the new generation of storytellers. The Swedish startup lets video producers, YouTube and social video creators, advertising, broadcast and film producers search and license music directly from their platform, making great music accessible for a range of budgets.

How does Epidemic Sound use Musiio's Technology?

Epidemic Sound already has a fantastic catalogue which is tagged excellently. What they require, is to add breadth and depth to their tagging data (including commercial music tags), so that users who come to the catalogue have a much better chance of finding the music they are looking for, whatever their ability to describe music, or whatever their frame of reference as a user. It’s easy to forget that not everybody has a precise music vocabulary, and descriptors may come from their understanding of commercial tracks or from something they’ve heard on their favourite YouTube channel. So how do Epidemic Sound ensure their music is accessible to everyone? By adding a deep base of tagging data to their music, on top of what they have already built.

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