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Catalogue management becomes increasingly hard as companies grow their libraries, and we are no exception. Manually tagging tracks becomes tedious at scale, and is prone to listener fatigue.

At Overcoast, we always believe that if there’s a way to automate the nuts and bolts, it leaves us more time to deliver on what we do best, amazing customer service and beautiful audio.

Having Musiio use AI to tag the Overcoast catalogue and get all our metadata up to speed, including BPM, Key, Genres, Moods, Instruments, and Vocals for each track gets us closer to where we want to be as a business, an efficient and reliable company known for speed and quality.

– Colin Beckett
Partner & Head of Production at Overcoast

Audio track from Overcoast’s catalogue used for Milk’s Kush Mascara advert.

Tags generated from audio track using our A.I.

About Overcoast

Formed by a team of composers and sound designers, Overcoast is an international, award-winning, boutique music and sound house with over forty years of combined experience. Driven by collaboration, Overcoast strives to create a fresh, unique sound that helps take your project as far as it can go. Using studios located in Richmond, VA and London, UK, along with an ever growing network of composers from all over the world, we are built to create the perfect piece for broadcast, film, online, and beyond.

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