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We view machine learning and AI techniques as instruments for extending human creativity. There has been so much noise coming from generative AI companies… but so few of those technology companies go beyond the hype of the technology.

This is a partnership rooted in actual opportunities and real challenges around music tagging, searching just for the right track for your video project and making more of our artists and composers’ music available to our customers worldwide.

– Matthew Hawn
Chief Product Officer at Audio Network

About Audio Network

The Audio Network provides original, high-quality music for broadcasters, brands, creators and music fans everywhere. From Hollywood to YouTube and Coca-Cola to Vice, they’ve helped to tell some of the world’s most iconic stories - 1,000+ artists, composers and producers and 175,000+ wholly-owned tracks.

Whether you’re searching for an orchestral score performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra or Scandi-pop and hip hop, they span every genre imaginable in their constantly expanding collection.

The Challenge

Responding to briefs in a timely fashion with high-quality playlists of music is increasingly difficult with a large and growing catalogue of 180,000+ tracks. They look to combine Musiio's technology with their expert human curation, to make their artists and composers more accessible, to maximise track usage and return the closest audio matches from the catalogue in seconds.

Current Process

Audio Network’s music supervisors currently have to learn the full catalogue as well as how it is tagged and then work from memory, or pre-built playlists. When they receive a brief from a client, they will manually tag the music reference and enter the tags into the search bar as you would with any regular music search. Depending on the brief and the client, this process can take anywhere up to 2 days and multiple supervisors to respond.


How can we use AI to speed up the process and assist Audio Network’s music supervisors to do their jobs more efficiently?

Product - Search

Musiio Search is capable of searching millions of tracks in seconds. Our fingerprints use up to 1,500 features and datapoints per track to source matches. We provide search as a prebuilt dashboard or an API solution.


A search dashboard which allows in-house supervisors to audio reference search their full catalogue and return close audio matches in 2 seconds using a clients’ Youtube link or Mp3 reference track. Users can simply copy in their Youtube link and the data will be extracted from the audio file and instantly compared with the data we have about the catalogue. The user can listen to the tracks directly in the dashboard and compare elements to the reference track. Once happy with the track, they can drop it into a playlist folder ready for the client. If they would like to drill down further into the results, we’ve added a custom filter so supervisors can search for a track but remove vocals and change the mood or energy; perfect for those “have you got anything like Uptown Funk but without vocals?” type requests.

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