In an industry steeped in tradition, how do you foster diversity and push the boundaries of performance? This episode's guest, Elise Brown, might have the answer.

Elise Brown, with over 10 years of experience in artist management and 20 years in the arts, has been at the forefront of change within the classical music industry. As an agent and consultant, her work showcases how innovation and inclusivity can make a difference in classical music.

Host Hazel Savage sits down with Elise to uncover:

  • The challenges of diversity in the classical music industry
  • How an opera in a Peckham carpark highlights industry evolution
  • How free classical music education can break socio-economic barriers
  • Classical music's evolution: blending with commercial and challenging boundaries.
  • Why the term “crossover” is a dirty word in the classical world

Elise's journey from managing 15 artists as an assistant to collaborating on groundbreaking projects, like the opera in Peckham, showcases her dedication to expanding the reach and relevance of classical music.

Elise's insights offer a fresh perspective on the evolving dynamics of classical music, challenging traditional norms and embracing new opportunities for collaboration and inclusivity.

Watch the full video on YouTube or listen on SoundCloud below.

"The change has to start with socio-economic diversity and looking at class. Those [with high socio-economic status] are the people making the decisions. They're not going to change their mindset, because they have no knowledge and no lived experience of [anything else]."


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Mama Haven

Come Play With Me

Revere Arts

Julian Lloyd Webber

Jiaxin Lloyd Webber

Bold Tendencies

Kwame Kwaten

Blue Label Beats

Multi Storey Orchestra

David Garrett

Lang Lang

Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (S&M album)

Davóne Tines

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