How can songwriters get paid for their music?

Our latest podcast guest has the answer.

Bina Mistry has over two decades of industry experience in copyright. From working at PRS for Music, Apple Music, Warner Chappell, and Peloton, she is all too familiar with the legal and financial worries of creators in the music industry.

Now Director of Music Licensing at SoundCloud and founder of music:defined, her own music business consultancy for creators, Bina has enlightening, practical advice for songwriters.

Her insights include:

  • How the publishing industry is more accessible than before
  • How to register your music as a songwriter
  • What the different types of royalties are
  • How to know when you need an artist manager
  • When you should look for a publishing deal
  • How songwriters can figure out if they’ve got unclaimed royalties
  • What’s stopping songwriters from getting syncs
  • Why publishers are more active than they used to be
  • How creators can be more informed about publishing

Watch the full video on YouTube or listen below.

The majority of songwriters will leave approximately 50% of their streaming royalties behind, because they don't know that on the composition side, there's two revenue sources that come from the stream.

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