Use our technology to automate segment selection for your music. Be instantly ready for TikTok, Instagram Stories or YouTube shorts!

From the explosion of Lil’ Nas X, to 420doggface208 sparking Fleetwood Mac’s 'Dreams' to re-enter the billboard charts after over 40 years, the power of short-form video content for the music industry is unquestionable.

Platforms like TikTok are synonymous with music clips being used by content creators globally to create their unique take on the track in video form. 

For artists and labels, this offers a gateway to potential overnight success. But selecting a segment can have a few challenges:

  • Artists: Not sure which the best section is?
  • Labels: Too many tracks, ten of thousands of back catalogue need processing?
  • Distributers: Need to differentiate your offering and be seen as a premium tech-forward company?
  • Production catalogues: need to auto create 30, 45, 60 second versions of all your tracks?

At Musiio, we’ve trained our AI to be able to find these segments to take the stress out of the decision-making process and to make this approach infinitely scalable. Our AI has the power to provide timecodes for your entire back catalogue and frontline releases, finding the sections that are most likely to succeed.

We’ve trained our AI using a large dataset of music and after rigorous development and testing we've been able to automatically identify the best section of any track that correlates/anti-correlates with it’s viral potential.

You'll be amazed at just how accurate the technology is, dropping in at a perfect section and not half-way through a word or just defaulting to the (potentially long) intro but always in a great place, with a great hook.

How it Works…

We use a multi-parametric approach for our TikTok algorithm. This includes:

  • Vocal Detection: The AI can ‘listen’ and cue for the lyric start and finish points.
  • Verse and Chorus Recognition: The AI can find the verse and chorus and can detect lead in sections we know TikTok creators love
  • Genre-specific Segment Detection: The AI is trained using 84 popular genres from Electronic to Bluegrass.

The AI selects between one and three 30, 45 or 60 second sections per track (your choice on length) and will order them in the likelihood that they will go viral. This gives you the option to either choose your favourite or pass it to your artist so they can choose theirs. 

The final output is a timecode which you can submit to TikTok to start at that exact point, right on the beat.

Hazel Savage, CEO at Musiio says, "The release of any new product is always good news at Musiio, and I am proud of our new Segment Select API. Our AI can already understand 84 different genres, and recognise whether music has the potential to be a hit or not, and now we've trained it to be able to find the best sections of music for multiple use cases. Our aim when starting the company was always to give artists the greatest opportunity for their music to be heard and nearly 4 years on, we're still able to come up with new and innovative ways to do this. Short-form video has had such a huge impact on the music industry, so to develop a product that serves artists and makes their music more discoverable is very exciting."

The Segment Select technology is available as an API, or processed in-house by Musiio - contact for more information.

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