For many years, music tagging has been and continues to be a pain for pretty much everyone who has to do it. There’s too much to do, and too little time and money to truly do it well. So many do it badly, or not at all.

Think of a future where companies and musicians, of any size or commercial stature respectively, can all afford to do it at a high level. Every catalogue is organized, discoverable, and a rich source of data-driven insights.

At Musiio, that future is now. Our AI has been trained on 2 centuries of music to recognize and tag 84 genres, as well as moods, instruments, energy, audio quality, vocal type, and even emotional spectrum, with an accuracy of 90-99.9%. 

A Million Tracks A Day

We can index up to 1 million audio files per day by turning them into spectrograms, from which we extract features and return results.

As we continue to work at improving this technology, even more tags such as descriptors, synonyms, and use cases will continue to be added. If you have invested money in a catalogue - this means no track is missed, leading to a greater return on your investment.

Our New Self-Service Solution

Previously, you had to get in touch with us to use our tagging service. Now, you can use our self service tagging product - a pay-as-you-go tagging solution with zero commitment, which allows you to pay only for the tags that are important to you. Just need tempo? You’ve got it. Just want to know what sort of moods you have in your catalog? No problem.

Whether you are a musician with 20 tracks or a small label with 3000 tracks, you can literally drag and drop your music into our platform and our AI will automatically scan your audio and return your tags for just 7 cents USD per track. That’s it.

What People Are Saying

We currently have ongoing tagging deals with Epidemic Sound and Jamendo and have processed over 6.5 million tracks for our customers. 

“Whether you’re a YouTuber, a huge broadcaster, or a freelancer, having the right kind of music can make or break your content, which is why searching for music can often be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of making a video. Our product team is committed to making music discovery as smooth and as relevant as possible here at Epidemic, which is why we’re super excited to partner with Musiio and are looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers on how this new feature helps with their creative process.” Says Per-Anders Legeryd, Chief Technology Officer at Epidemic Sound.

Try It!

The AI product “Musiio Tag” is now live and ready for you to start tagging. Head to and give it a try. 

About Musiio:

Musiio is an Artificial Intelligence company for the Music Industry. Focussed on the B2B space. Musiio has built an AI that can “listen” to music, supercharging Sync Companies, Labels, Streaming Services and more to Tag, Search, Curate or Playlist their audio. Musiio provides cost-effective, fast and scalable ways to manage audio using AI, either through APIs or custom built dashboard tools, making large catalogues of music infinitely more searchable.

Musiio Details:

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