There are no two ways about it; 2022 has been a mammoth year for Musiio.

Here are some of our biggest highlights of an extraordinary year, from big deals to tech updates, and events to awards.

We can’t quite believe this has all happened in just 12 months!

The acquisition (and keeping Musiio tech available)

SoundCloud Hero Image

Of course, the biggest news from this year was that SoundCloud acquired Musiio in April. But two critical details from the sale made it the right choice for Musiio.

  1. Team retention. Musiio’s world-class team were brought over to SoundCloud and relocated from Singapore to Berlin and London. This process just concluded, with our final team member arriving mere days ago. This was vital because a large part of Musiio’s strength is its people. Also, maintaining consistency and having the same points of contact for existing Musiio users was paramount.
  2. Keeping the tech available. SoundCloud shared Hazel and Aron’s vision for Musiio’s tag and search technology remaining available to help the music industry. Unlike some companies that take their products off the market after an acquisition, Musiio continues to sell its tech to new and existing customers such as record labels, publishers and other music rights holders.

Tech developments

Enhanced moods for Beyonce

Throughout the relocation, Aron and the Tech team continued to roll out major new features and updates to the Musiio Tag technology.

  • The biggest was a brand new Moods classifier. This refined algorithm can identify 41 musical moods, vastly improving on the previously available 15.
  • The team also worked hard to fine-tune the Instruments classifier, which can now recognise 14 instruments.
  • The other huge new classifier that we built was Autotune detection. This gives users meaningful insights into how much pitch correction and effects have been added to a vocal.
  • The new Search Widget continues our commitment to making the tech available to as many businesses as possible, whatever the budget.

New clients

In 2022, we’ve loved seeing the many different ways that our users employ our tech.

We’ve seen ingenious auto-filling of metadata tags for UGC uploads on beat marketplace BeatStars, an intelligent playlisting function built by BeatMix for retail music, and robust integration of search tech spearheaded by Sydney-based production music house Melodie. We’re constantly impressed with the forward-thinking ways our users solve their catalogue navigation needs.

We have over 75 clients on our books at the year’s close, including West One Music, Downtown Music Services, Epidemic Sounds, SoundCloud, Auribus, ClicknClear, Thematic and more.

Events galore

This year, we were back in force at in-person events, representing Musiio by SoundCloud worldwide, including billing at SXSW, Web Summit, Canadian Music Week and, perhaps our favourite panel ever, at Amsterdam Dance Event.

Industry recognition

This year was also a massive year for industry awards:

We’ve also had excellent coverage in the music industry press and beyond, with articles and interviews in The Verge, Engadget, TechCrunch, Music Week and more.

Finally, we want to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing clients, friends across the industry and supporters of Musiio and SoundCloud. Here’s to 2023!

If you want to know more about how Musiio by SoundCloud can help your business, reach out on Linkedin or Twitter, send us a message using our contact form or email

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