We’re excited to be launching the Musiio Search Widget. This off-the-shelf solution lets record labels, music publishers and other music rights holders embed public-facing audio search into their sites with virtually no coding required. 

Once embedded, the Musiio Search Widget lets users search label catalogues using a ‘seed’ track, and peer deeper into music collections with audio-based Find Similar tools. 

All this means greater discovery power in the hands of the customer, less development cost for music rights holders, and more sync deals. 

How is the Search Widget different from Musiio Search Dashboard?

The Musiio Search API and Search Dashboard are our flagship products. They use Musiio’s proprietary AI-powered audio reference search technology to find similar-sounding tracks, and filter using our accurate tags. 

The Musiio Search Dashboard is frequently used by labels and other music companies as an internal tool for curation and responding to sync briefs. Catalogue managers drop in a ‘seed’ track, and then the AI does the heavy lifting, returning the most similar-sounding recordings in a catalogue, based on a ‘fingerprint’ of 1500 audio data points.

For sync, Musiio Search is superior to keyword-based browsing. Normally, looking for a recording that sounds like a reference track can take hours of hard work and aimless listening. With Musiio Search, it takes seconds. 

The Search Widget is the easiest way to implement the tech publicly. It is an embeddable music player with integrated Musiio Search Dashboard functions. With it, any existing Musiio Search customer can link their catalogue to make it publicly searchable with just a few lines of pasted code on their website.

Scale sync simply

Independent Spanish dance music label Blanco Y Negro is already using the Search Widget to grow their sync business. Their aim was for sync clients to quickly find appropriate tracks in Blanco Y Negro’s 18,000-song catalogue, before approaching the sync team directly for licensing. This improves the quality of enquiries and helps music supervisors make more informed decisions.

Blanco Y Negro’s Search Widget implementation lets you find similar tracks to songs in the catalogue or external music links from SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

Mack Hampson, Commercial Director of Musiio says, “The sync business is booming, and with so many options for buying music, the catalogues that will win are those that can get the right music in front of their users the fastest. If their catalogue is difficult to search and navigate, they risk losing business. Audio reference search is the fastest and easiest way to find music today; the new search widget presents a low barrier for entry in terms of cost and integration for small businesses to take advantage of this industry-leading tech.” 

The Search Widget is available now to any music company seeking to quickly and cost-effectively enable audio similarity search for public use.

To find out how Musiio’s AI tech can help improve the search experience on your catalogue, contact us on Twitter and LinkedIn, via our contact form or drop an email to sales@musiio.com.

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