JJ is a classically trained vocalist, pop singer, producer, and songwriter from Singapore. After reaching #1 on the SG TikTok Hot chart last year, he's doubling down on songwriting. He's just completed three months at the renowned Swedish songwriting school Musikmakarna, which boasts 13 Grammy nominations for its alumni in 2024 alone.

But before all that, he interned at Musiio in the early days, when it was a small start-up in Singapore.

In this episode, Hazel chats to him about:

  • His experience collaborating with international songwriting talent at Musikmakarna in Sweden.
  • The cultural and linguistic differences that influence songwriting for K-Pop vs Western pop
  • The complexities of navigating the music industry as a queer Singaporean musician

Watch the full video on YouTube or listen on SoundCloud below.

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