Queen is a band that needs no introduction. This 70s band has been featured in so many films, TV shows and cartoons that even if you didn’t know the band, you’ve definitely heard of their songs. Catchy hits such as, “We Are The Champions”, “Another Bites The Dust” and “We Will Rock You” are classic earworms for all ages. Especially with the release of Bohemian Rhapsody (film) in 2018 and the normalisation of music streaming in recent years, Queen garnered an even larger and younger fanbase, who are now accessing the long tail of ‘oldies hits’ beyond the contemporary pop tunes of today.

The timeless allure of Queen is in their signature style of powerful, anthemic music. Epic and triumphant, they feel larger than life; larger than any obstacle and tribulation you may face. One such song is, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, a popular anthem for people who need just that extra oomph to tackle their next challenge. One commenter on YouTube even said this song is, “better than therapy”.


With this gem as our audio search seed track, our AI has successfully compiled a list of feel-good bobs that will guarantee to add that pep in your step:


1. Elton John - I'm Still Standing

2. Because We Can - Bon Jovi

3. Won't Break Me - Thee Attacks

4. Stronger - Skin

5. Deep Purple - Drifter

6. Highway Tune - Greta Van Fleet

7. The Wrights - Evie Part I (Let Your Hair Hang Down)

8. Time Is Now - Jericho Jones

9. Survivor - I Can’t Hold Back

Since our audio similarity search works directly on the song’s sonic thumbprint (as opposed to metadata), the playlist leans heavily on Classic Rock tunes written in the 70s. A challenging feat to achieve if searching merely by keywords, and an incredibly useful feature if you are aiming for very focused search results (e.g. playlisting, synchronisation). 

If you’re interested in our audio similarity search, why not try it in our Musiio App? We recently launched Musiio App (app.musiio.com), which provides three types of search: search by keywords, search by filter and search by audio similarity, which accepts YouTube links, file uploads and even “Find Similar”; the ability to find similar-sounding songs from a previously uploaded song. The trial is free up to 25 songs. 

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