For all you gym rats and adrenaline junkies, news of a nationwide shut-down of gyms would make you cry a resounding  “Nooo!”. It’s no different for me, as weeks prior to that, going to the gym was the only time I actually saw other people (#wfhlife). 
The upside of this is that not only have I moved away from the treadmill and onto the tougher pavement known as concrete, it’s also a fun challenge to find novel ways to workout from home. Zoom and app training sessions are my new spot buddies, and the TRX hanging off my ceiling is being used again. While the workout methods are innovative, my workout playlist remains stale and uninspired. Would our AI be able to help me find new bops to sweat it out to?

As a starting point I have distilled a formula for my perfect workout song. In a nutshell: it must be highly energetic, very pop-sounding and with a huge dose of attitude. Unlike popular opinion, I actually prefer Pop, Electronic or Hip Hop songs over Rock to exercise to; and as guilty as possible please. Sprinkle in some empowering lyrics and we are right on the mark.

Knowing what you want makes search effortless. You can try this out in our app in

Searching via keywords on the Musiio app gave me 5 great options within the first page (I was using my own catalogue of tracks). I picked ‘Good Form’ by Nicki Minaj as the seed track for my next search, as the beat - as the internet says - absolutely slaps.

In 10 minutes I had found these fine selections:

Feel free to add these bangers to your current workout playlist. Enjoy!

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