Set a morning routine, make a list of tasks you want to achieve, set a clear schedule for the day and take regular breaks. Just some of the rules that you should try to live by as working from home becomes a normality. 

While not everybody likes the idea of working from home, there are most certainly some perks and focusing on the positives is part of the trick; for one, there’s no bickering about the office temperature and two, you control the music!

Lo-Fi and downtempo beats are the perfect accompaniment for any work-related task and given the success of Lo-Fi beats on YouTube channels like ChilledCow, we tested our AI with a few Lo-Fi tracks and used them as seed tracks to find all of the music in this playlist with our audio-reference search… Enjoy!


  1. Emancipator - Winter Dub
  2. Gelka - The Last Tree
  3. The Sakuras Will Cry For You
  4. Idealism - Monster Gambling in Tokyo
  5. Nohidea - Late Nite
  6. .Sinh & Dontcry - End of Winter
  7. Aso & Middle School - Tomorrow Never Knows
  8. deeB - Rooftops
  9. Jon Silva - Sunshine (Sunrise)
  10. Chicane - Low Sun
  11. Afterlife - 5Th & Avendia
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