...& some cool WFH resources from across the music industry

If you're anything like me, you'll have received a lot of emails this month from all corners of the music industry; some notifying us of cancelled shows (understandably! ...but I was gutted about the Jimmy Eat World tour) and others, letting us know about upcoming government support for the arts. Or maybe even just the weekly biz newsletters giving us the headlines on how the music industry has been affected - I've been reading them all.

Our industry is often a labour of love for many of us. I've experienced it myself; I was working in music retail when our sales meetings about CDs saw the first effects of MP3 downloads, and I played guitar in a band where the drummer walked out 30 minutes before stage time.

Our industry is also often characterised by adversity. Now I am the CEO of a music tech startup - one that focuses on future proofing businesses and bringing tools and scalability to companies that can benefit from the latest AI technology. The music industry always was and continues to be defined by its resilience, and I imagine this latest pandemic will be no different in that respect.

For the team here at Musiio business continues apace, our sales team are busier than ever, and I know that we are lucky to be in a pure digital business that focuses on the future growth and scalability for the music industry.

Music itself continues to be the same comfort and salve it always has been to everyone globally. I heard an amazing quote by Gustav Soderstrom Chief Research & Development Officer at Spotify, who in a video interview said of music: "If we think about the brain as neural networks, it may be the most efficient hack we can do to actually tune it."

When you combine an industry known for our strength with the powerful presence that is music itself, it is not surprising, but wholly awesome that our industry has come together to support each other in the most amazing ways in the last few weeks and I wanted to highlight a few of these here:

From Self Isolation to Self Improvement

Working From Home (WFH) Listening

For Musicians/Creators

For anyone in lockdown or WFH who has the time and drive to chat about AI - We are here, we are always ready to video conference!

Chat soon,

Hazel Savage
CEO and Co-founder at Musiio

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