The race for the most amount of music on streaming services has had a lot of attention through the years, but with most services having millions of tracks most of which can be found on any platform, it’s becoming less and less important to streamers. In fact, it’s an expectation that platforms will have all music you can think of, with the exception of maybe a few Beatles and Prince albums.

Personalisation, however, gets a lot less of the "limelight", partly because metrics can be a little less sexy, partly because it’s quite difficult to explain to users. But this doesn't mean that there isn't a need for it.

As a company initiative, we take it upon ourselves to do regular questionnaires at conferences to find out about users' music search and discovery experiences and the feedback that we generally receive is that streaming services still have some way to go if they are to meet the expectations of streamers in 2019.

In fact, 76% of respondents we spoke to felt that discovering new music was a challenge.

So if service A, B & C all have 40+ million tracks and most have much of the same music, it’s no longer a race for volume, it’s a race to provide the best recommendations, the best user experience, and the most personalised streaming service. 

At Musiio, not only have we cracked the personalisation code with cutting edge AI tech, but we have the stats to prove it. We understand that it’s hard to get AI tech across the line, especially without some cold hard facts. So, we’ve compiled a few stats from a real-life customer, so the next time you are selling personalisation into your business, you'll be armed with the numbers to back it up.

The following report shows that personalised services outperform non-personalised services by up to 24%, even with a basic personalisation offering. Check out the full report below...

AI Personalisation Technology For Streaming Services

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