Today, music genres are not easily defined; artists experiment with sounds and joyfully stretch beyond traditional genre boundaries. Because of this, we’re always keen to see how artists are categorized. Take Rodrigo y Gabriela. The husband-wife duo have made a name for themselves by bridging the sounds of Spanish guitar and hard rock. An unlikely genre match, but they make it work - and their most recent album, Mettavolution has earned them a 2020 Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album” as a result.

Because their music is happily difficult to box, we were curious about how our AI would curate a playlist inspired by Rodrigo y Gabriela’s latest album. As a music curator, I was particularly drawn to this challenge. To create a playlist inspired by these artists, would I search within the Spanish guitar genre? Hard Rock? When working with artists who are pushing genre-boundaries, these are the questions we ask. Do we start with genre, or with vibe? Neither are wrong, and neither are right. It must be a combination of the two.

And I’m happy to report that our AI picked up on just that. By using our audio referencing search technology on our internal catalogue of over 100 thousand tracks, I’ve curated a playlist hand-in-hand with our technology that honors Rodrigo y Gabriela’s unique sound, while also pushing the boundaries of discovery - in just 10 minutes.

Curious? Take a listen to our 10-minute AI-generated playlist inspired by Rodrigo y Gabriela’s track, Mettavolution, here and view the track list below.

Seed track: Rodrigo y Gabriela - Mettavolution
1. Dead Combo - As Quica As You Can
2. Oceans 8 Soundtrack - Daniel Pemberton - NYC Larceny
3. ANIMALS AS LEADERS - The Future That Awaited Me
4. Rodrigo y Gabriela - Krotona Days
5. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Rude Mood
6. Crippled Black Phoenix - The Heart Of Every Country
7. Toe - Ordinary Days
8. Joe Satriani - Champagne?
9. Tiger Army - Enchantment
10. La Luz - Phantom Feelings
11. Frames - The Beginning
12. In Aviate - Ascension
13. Rodrigo y Gabriela - Witness Tree

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