Audio reference search for curators is the tool of tomorrow, today. At Musiio, we have an internal catalogue of music of over 100 thousand tracks that we have gathered through partnerships and with the scans of this music, we are able to put together playlists inspired by seed tracks in minutes. 

Takes Lizzo’s Truth Hurts for example. If we task even the best music curators to put together a playlist similar to the number 1 hit, it will take them 3 minutes to listen to it, then some time to understand the elements that make it up, before going on their own search. Maybe they will have a decent knowledge of the sub-genre, or maybe they can search and find similar artists on streaming services, but with Musiio’s audio reference search, there is no need to do any of this. The user needs nothing but the reference track itself. In fact, we put this playlist together in just 10 minutes. Total. And most of it was spent QAing the results and physically putting them into a playlist. 

In fact, with our search it takes seconds to search millions of tracks. We scan the reference tracks and then compare it to everything within your database in seconds. We compare the anywhere up to 1,500 data points per track based on audio and no metadata, lookalike audiences or popularity scores. This means that our results are extremely similar from an audio perspective, so curators spend most of their time choosing and compiling the best, rather than endlessly searching through everything in the catalogue.

Check out our 10 minute AI-Generated playlist inspired by Lizzo’s Truth Hurts here.

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