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Understanding Musiio Enhanced Moods V3
Understanding Musiio’s Enhanced Moods Classifier

We introduce our Enhanced Moods, with musical examples, to demonstrate the power and nuance that comes from having 41 available mood tags.

Understanding Musiio Standard Moods V1
Understanding Musiio’s Standard Moods Classifier

How do Musiio moods work? And how can you use them? We start our multi-part Moods walkthrough with suggestions for how to use the V1 Standard Moods tagset.

Golden Globes winner Naatu Naatu from RRR is historic
Indian film RRR’s Golden Globe-winning song sounds unlike any previous winner

High-energy electronic tracks don’t typically catch the ear of those judging the Golden Globes, but RRR’s ‘Naatu Naatu’ was different.

Alien tentacles in an underwater scene to accompany story on ocean film music such as Avatar: The Way of Water
Why Avatar 2’s soundtrack is more nature doc, less deep-sea sci-fi

Few movies have made you want to get into the water as Avatar: The Way of Water. We dig into how Simon Franglen’s soundtrack helped, with the help of AI.

Understanding Musiio’s Energy Classifier

Understanding how the Musiio Energy classifier works is critical to building better playlists, recommendations and improving navigation.

Musiio by SoundCloud: A look back at 2022

There are no two ways about it; 2022 has been a mammoth year for Musiio. Here are some of our biggest highlights of an extraordinary year, from big deals to tech updates,…

What did the highest-grossing films of 2022 sound like?

What music trends can we see in this year’s biggest blockbusters? Even in a world filled with franchise movies, music is remarkably diverse.

What’s different about TikTok’s biggest hits in 2022?

What could music on TikTok tell us about our collective psychology? We used AI to compare the top 10 songs on the platform to last year.

Sound of 2020 Hero Image
How did 2022 sound? AI analyses most streamed tracks

Before we head into December’s blizzard of festive tunes, we thought we’d look back over the biggest and best (non-yuletide) tracks of 2022.  But how can anyone know what a year in…

Grow your audience using AI
5 ways artists can grow their audience with AI

With AI music tagging being so widely used, artists should understand how their music is being tagged, so they can focus their energy more effectively on their music as well as marketing and branding efforts.

Hazel Savage awarded entrepreneur of the year by SoundCloud President Eliah Seton.
Video: Hazel Savage wins Women In Music Entrepreneur of the Year award

In four short years, under Hazel’s leadership, Musiio grew from a two-person start-up to an industry-leading music tech company that would be acquired by SoundCloud in 2022.

Taylor Swift broke records when her tracks took all the spot in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10.
Taylor Swift’s Midnights has broken so many records – What does she know we don’t?

Aside from her celebrity clout and her album-first release strategy, is there anything in the music that could hint at why Midnights was so successful?