Understanding Musiio Vocal Tags
Understanding the Musiio Vocal Tags

In this blog post, you’ll learn more about our vocal classifiers and how they can elevate the catalogue navigation experience for A&R, playlisting and sync.

Understanding Moods - which mood set is right for your audience?
Which mood set is right for your audience?

Should you use Standard or Enhanced Moods for you catalogue? Can you use both? All these questions answered and more in this week’s blog post.

Understanding Musiio Enhanced Moods V3
Understanding Musiio’s Enhanced Moods Classifier

We introduce our Enhanced Moods, with musical examples, to demonstrate the power and nuance that comes from having 41 available mood tags.

Understanding Musiio Standard Moods V1
Understanding Musiio’s Standard Moods Classifier

How do Musiio moods work? And how can you use them? We start our multi-part Moods walkthrough with suggestions for how to use the V1 Standard Moods tagset.

Understanding Musiio’s Energy Classifier

Understanding how the Musiio Energy classifier works is critical to building better playlists, recommendations and improving navigation.

Can AI tagging increase radio audience retention?
Can AI tagging increase radio audience retention?

We looked at three shows on BBC Radio 6 Music to see what insights we could draw from their tracklists, and ways that AI integration into software could help with audience retention.

AI can now detect Autotune – here’s what that means

Learn how this new AI classifier works and how it can help with navigating catalogues, curating playlists and discovering talent.

Tech our tech team recommends in 2022
Tech that the Musiio team can’t live without in 2022

Our tech and sales teams share their recommendations for home and office tech they can’t live without.

How Do We Tag 5 Million Tracks A Day?

At Musiio, one of the fundamental tasks of our technology is to automate the herculean task of analyzing massive amounts of music rapidly in order to provide catalog owners with metadata.

[VIDEO] How Does Artificial Intelligence Tag Tech Work?

Whether you are completely new to AI Music tagging, or you’re looking for a deeper understanding, then this is the video for you.