Want to create a TikTok hit for 2021? Our AI tells you what you need to know

Tiktok exploded in 2020 and many different music go viral on the platform. We seek to find out: Is there a formula for the success of these music?

Understanding the Afrobeats Explosion

When Drake released “One Dance”, it took everyone by surprise for its popularity in the millennium. It also herald the start of a mass trend in Afrobeats and in this post, we go in-depth and understand more about this genre.

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What Do Car Ads in Malaysia in 2020 Sound Like?

Advertising and music have gone hand in hand since the 1920s. How has the sound of car brands evolved since? We look at the most viewed Youtube car ads in Malaysia in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Music Search for DJs

When Mack started DJing 20 years ago, things were very manual and limited. Fast forward to now, DJs are able to search for music and create sets at their fingertips. But what about the future and beyond – read more as he explores the trends and possibilities of DJing in the future.

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