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We analyzed 1587 songs that made it to the USA Spotify Viral 50 charts during 2019 and 2020 to find out which Moods were most popular and correlated with commercial success.

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Following up on our previous study on Viral music in SEA, we repeated our experiment for robustness – this time with 15.6k songs.

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Can AI predict Hit Songs? Spotify New Release vs. Spotify Top 200.

Many commercial music decisions are made based solely on gut feel. But given that 21m+ tracks are released on streaming platforms yearly, A&R executives know what it’s like to be inundated in low quality demos. The question: Can an AI be trained to help in this process?

Understanding The Top 5 Music Markets in Europe: An AI Music Tagging Analysis

According to the IFPI Global Music Report, Germany, France, England, Italy, and Netherlands, lead the European recorded music industry in 2018. To find out what makes these markets tick, we used our AI to tag the Top 50 Spotify viral hits from each country.

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Understanding the Afrobeats Explosion

When Drake released “One Dance”, it took everyone by surprise for its popularity in the millennium. It also herald the start of a mass trend in Afrobeats and in this post, we go in-depth and understand more about this genre.