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Don't Look Up blog post disaster movie hero image
Don’t Look Up: How do you soundtrack the apocalypse?

“Play it as real as you can, even if it’s crazy absurd,” says director Adam…

Hans Zimmer darker, scarier
Is the Dune score Hans Zimmer’s darkest, scariest sci-fi soundtrack yet?

AI analysis of Hans Zimmer’s Dune soundtrack reveals it is the most significant departure from the ‘Zimmer sound’ to date, but hallmarks of his work can still be easily detected.

Christmas Clips – woman dressed as elf doing a TikTok dance
Increase potential TikTok virality with these Christmas song clips chosen by AI

We’ve used our new Segment Selection tool to find share-worthy clips from festive classics, and give you some ideas for how to use them

Which 2021 Christmas single has the most staying power? And why isn’t it Ed Sheeran’s?

Which decades are responsible for the most enduring Christmas hits? And why going up against Bublé might be ill-advised.

Silk Sonic
Silk Sonic’s album gives us nostalgic feels – but is it 70s soul?

Everything about Silk Sonic – Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s joyous R&B supergroup – is…

Granular Analysis Of Mondo.NYC Song Submissions With Musiio’s Hit Potential Algorithm

We partnered with Mondo 2021 to showcase our Hit Potential technology and a second-by-second analysis of the top artist submissions.

Do Music Tastes In The UK Differ From Global Preferences?

What does 2 years of Spotify Top 200 charts from the UK and Global tell us about the difference in music preferences?

Predicting Song Streams And Artist Popularity With Artificial Intelligence.

Can you tell how popular an artist is, just by analyzing a single song? Can you tell in advance how many streams that song will get on Spotify?

In this small-scale pilot study, a collaboration between Musiio and Meddling A&R, we aim to determine whether our Hit Potential Algorithm can be used to predict the success of a song and the size of that song’s artist(s)’ fanbase.

Billboard Hits Show Trends, But Viral Music Is Unpredictable

Carefully analyzing billboard hits over the years can reveal useful patterns in music consumption. Artists and record label executives can act on these to ride the wave of a trend or get off before it becomes unfashionable.

We analyzed 5200 Viral songs across 2 years, from the Spotify Viral Top 50, and found that the data was much more random than contrasting data from Spotify Top 200 music in the same period.