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Understanding The Top 5 Music Markets in Europe: An AI Music Tagging Analysis

According to the IFPI Global Music Report, Germany, France, England, Italy, and Netherlands, lead the European recorded music industry in 2018. To find out what makes these markets tick, we used our AI to tag the Top 50 Spotify viral hits from each country.

Can A Piece Of Music Be More Than The Sum Of Its Parts?

Xiao’an puts our AI to the test as he explores how the tags of each constituent part of a song differ, and how this impacts the tags assigned to the complete song.

How accurate was Jessie J’s cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing?”

Our AI listened to the two different versions as Xiao’An explores the aspect of music covers.

Do Chords Have Emotions? Our AI Finds Out.

Major Is Happy, Minor Is Sad? If you’ve ever heard anything about chords and harmony,…

4 Violinists. 1 Piece Of Music. Can AI Spot The Difference?

In this post, we take a deep dive into the effects of musical interpretation, where we explore different musicians performing the same classic music.

Japanese rock band playing live
How has Asian culture shaped indie rock in the region?

Indie rock is a widely adored and overlooked genre that is constantly evolving and drawing influences from every possible corner of the musical world. Considering the sponge-like characteristic of the genre, we were curious to explore the impacts that China, South Korea, and Japan have had on the indie rock scene.

Training AI to Recognise the Subgenres of Hip Hop

How do we train our AI? In this article, we take a deep dive into the definitions of Hip Hop and its subgenres to understand the thought process behind it.

Understanding the Afrobeats Explosion

When Drake released “One Dance”, it took everyone by surprise for its popularity in the millennium. It also herald the start of a mass trend in Afrobeats and in this post, we go in-depth and understand more about this genre.

Which Country Should You Market Your Music In? Data Might Help You Make Better Decisions.

Which Southeast Asian country should you market your music in? In this article, we learn how we can apply data to our decision making.