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Taylor Swift broke records when her tracks took all the spot in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10.
Taylor Swift’s Midnights has broken so many records – What does she know we don’t?

Aside from her celebrity clout and her album-first release strategy, is there anything in the music that could hint at why Midnights was so successful?

The London Scene: How does it compare to the rest of the uk?

What are the sonic qualities of tracks that land with audiences inside and outside London? We look at data from Shazam charts with our AI to find out.

Spotify’s Billions Club: What can catalogue owners learn about investment from the most streamed songs in the world?

AI helps us determine that specific musical moods are more common in high-streaming deep catalogue tracks. Here’s how that can aid music catalogue investment decisions.

Enhanced moods for Beyonce
New Moods: Help your users find precisely the music they’re looking for

Finding the right track for a video, playlist or social content has never been easier, thanks to nuanced, granular mood tags from Musiio.

Obama's Summer Playlist 2022
What does an AI make of Obama’s Summer 2022 Playlist?

Barack Obama has dropped his annual playlist and it’s a corker. But what insights can we draw with AI and how can that help with personalisation?

Eddie Munsen performs Master of Puppets in Stranger Things
The Stranger Things Effect: Why Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ could enter the Top 40 now, and not in 1986

Metallica’s 2022 success has more in common with Kenny Loggins than any other metal act.

Glastonbury performances vs record
Our AI compared Glastonbury performances to studio recordings – here’s what it found

On a sonic level, what makes a memorable performance? We analysed some must-watch Glasto performances with AI to find out.

Kendrick at Glastonbury header image
How AI hears the highlights of Glastonbury

We’ve selected some of our favourite performances from Glastonbury and run them through our tagging AI. What can we tell about each performance based on the data?

Harry Styles Harry's House
Can AI detect Japanese prog-rock influences in Harry Styles’ latest record?

Harry’s House, the number-one album from Harry Styles, is full of throwback influences from Prince to noughties indie, but it might be more heavily influenced by Japanese prog musician Haruomi Hosono than anyone suspected.