AI Insights

Obama's Summer Playlist 2022
What does an AI make of Obama’s Summer 2022 Playlist?

Barack Obama has dropped his annual playlist and it’s a corker. But what insights can we draw with AI and how can that help with personalisation?

Eddie Munsen performs Master of Puppets in Stranger Things
The Stranger Things Effect: Why Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ could enter the Top 40 now, and not in 1986

Metallica’s 2022 success has more in common with Kenny Loggins than any other metal act.

Glastonbury performances vs record
Our AI compared Glastonbury performances to studio recordings – here’s what it found

On a sonic level, what makes a memorable performance? We analysed some must-watch Glasto performances with AI to find out.

Kendrick at Glastonbury header image
How AI hears the highlights of Glastonbury

We’ve selected some of our favourite performances from Glastonbury and run them through our tagging AI. What can we tell about each performance based on the data?

Harry Styles Harry's House
Can AI detect Japanese prog-rock influences in Harry Styles’ latest record?

Harry’s House, the number-one album from Harry Styles, is full of throwback influences from Prince to noughties indie, but it might be more heavily influenced by Japanese prog musician Haruomi Hosono than anyone suspected.

Kate Bush Hounds of Love illustration by Nisah Jfr
What can we learn from the explosion of ‘Running Up That Hill’?

Kate Bush’s song has soared to fame due to its pivotal role in Netflix’s Stranger Things, but what can we learn about its success on the Billboard chart and TikTok?

Stranger Things Eleven
Stranger Things soundtracks are getting darker, more dramatic, says AI

What can we tell about the original score with our tagging AI? How does this correlate to the on-screen action, and what predictions can we make about the fourth season’s music?

Sam Ryder Eurovision Hero Image
How Sam Ryder changed the way the UK views Eurovision

By combining nostalgia for British rock music and respect for the Eurovision sound, Sam Ryder broke the UK’s losing streak. We dig into the data to see how his success might be replicated.

Why do less perfect records win Grammys?

What can we learn about the 2022 Grammys through the lens of AI? And how could the tech help in future?