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Understanding The Top 5 Music Markets in Europe: An AI Music Tagging Analysis

According to the IFPI Global Music Report, Germany, France, England, Italy, and Netherlands, lead the European recorded music industry in 2018. To find out what makes these markets tick, we used our AI to tag the Top 50 Spotify viral hits from each country.

Want to create a TikTok hit for 2021? Our AI tells you what you need to know

Tiktok exploded in 2020 and many different music go viral on the platform. We seek to find out: Is there a formula for the success of these music?

Japanese rock band playing live
How has Asian culture shaped indie rock in the region?

Indie rock is a widely adored and overlooked genre that is constantly evolving and drawing influences from every possible corner of the musical world. Considering the sponge-like characteristic of the genre, we were curious to explore the impacts that China, South Korea, and Japan have had on the indie rock scene.